The Meatcap – Infinity Meat

This week on the Meat Wednesday Podcast, we review Infinity War (SPOILER ALERT), talk current events, run down the Greatest Royal Rumble, and grill steak.

    Intro and Dinner Discussion (Start – 6:15)

Spring has sprung, and the Meat Boys couldn’t be more excited for Grilling Season. Some beautiful bone-in Club Sirloin steaks grace the tables of MeatQ as the boys recall last week’s Pollo del D-iablo chicken wings.

    Avengers: Infinity War Breakdown w/major spoilers (6:15 – 23:10)

A freak like me... just needs Infinity
Following the movie event of the year, the Boys recount their experiences seeing Infinity War and their reactions to the film’s ending, before diving into the meat of the movie. After going over a few key points and character interactions, we ponder what’s in store for the MCU going forward.

    Greatest Royal Rumble Rundown (23:10 – 28:15)

Following the WWE’s first venture to Saudi Arabia as part of a new ten year contract, the Boys take a closer look at the Greatest Royal Rumble, from the strong performances by Daniel Bryan and Braun Strowman in the Rumble match to the unfortunate “house show” feel of the event.

    Dessert Interlude (28:15 – 30:55)

As part of a yearly tradition, Sean whips up a cake for his nephew’s birthday, and this year was able to finagle some leftovers back to the MeatQuarters. With an Avengers theme, the cake featured several of our favorite heroes including Iron Man, Spiderman, and the Infinity Gauntlet itself.

    Cuck of the Week (30:55 – 44:40)

This week’s nominees are…
– Sean: Kim Jong-un
Honorable Mention: Titus “Worldwide” O’Neil
– Dallas: The Boy Scouts of America
– Murph: Anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death
Tune in to hear our reasoning for each nominee, as well as this week’s Cuck OTW winner.

    Where Were You When..? (44:40 – 47:50)

Murph recounts where he was when news first broke of Bin Laden’s death as the boys discuss the strange feeling of celebrating someone being killed.

    Say Yay for Kanye (47:50 – 52:10)

Ayyyy Kanye
A quick recap of Kanye’s recent TMZ tirade leads into talk of the arising conspiracies around the death of famed musician Avicii.

    Fresh Spawn of the Week (52:10 – End)

Brought to you by spawnsor: Bill’s Grille
This week’s nominees are…
Sean: Kanye West feat. Poopity Scoop
Dallas: Thanos (shoutout Spider-Man)
Murph: Summer
Tune in to hear our reasoning behind each nominee, as well as our pick for Fresh Spawn of the Week!

Thanks for listening, and make sure to tune in every Wednesday at 8:00pm for dinner with the Meat Boys.

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